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  • Spring Positions

    I have been playing Corbin a lot seeing as Sekani has been so busy with it being new and all of the mountain biking going on. I am glad to see the new pin changes already this year. I ran into some old friends up top at 3 as they were on 16 they didn't inform me of the changes and I guess I didn't notice on the way in... Anyways threw 3 as I always do landed where I normally do only to my surprise to see the change on 17, 3, 4, 5, 6, ect... A very welcomed change indeed with a skip in birdie on 3. Thanks to the NIDGC or whoever is responsible. I know that Memorial Day is coming and so is the LCO.. With that on my mind are there any changes going to be made for a make up 2? Or will it be out the woods to 7 again?

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    Movers and Shakers

    Thanks go to Jack Baldwin and Tom Walker for moving the baskets at Corbin. Not sure if anyone else helped them or not. They took out a generator and shop vac to clean out plugged sleeves - a much needed task. Kudos to Jack and Tom. League play will begin Wednesday April 3 at Corbin; 5:00 tee off. Hole 2 will remain in play until Memorial Day. After that I imagine we will add our usual 18th hole just for league events.


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      Summer Layout

      Unfortunately it is that time of year for hole #2's basket to be put into storage at the Parks Dept. I pulled it today. Figure we can leave #15 where it is for a another week or two, til school is out and the Park usage increases for swimmers, etc. Would like to move #14 to the low water position if the sleeve is not plugged. Also for league play, we will use a portable basket on hole #7 so we can utilize #7's regular basket for a hole 4b. Wondering if we should ask the Parks Dept. about actually using the #2 basket in that spot and label it as 4b for the duration of the summer so everyone can enjoy a full 18 holes. Any thoughts?


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        I think that would be a great idea, I think we really need to get 4 out of the ground and fix it. Somebody snapped pretty much the entire inner ring from the welds and it's just hanging there. It's a damn shame :-(
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          That would be sweet if the city would go for a 4b position for the summer so we could still get in 18 holes and nobody would have to mess around with a portable basket either. Great idea!