Yesterday, I contacted vBulletin no fewer than 20 times through their support ticket system and their discussion boards. I got absolutely zero answers to the problems we are experiencing with the boards and am still waiting on good feedback from their support team. They told me that I needed to repair the filedata table but gave me little insight on how to do that. I figured it out.

I spent no less than 4.5 hour on the phone with Bluehost over 5 calls and a 15 hour period yesterday. They had reported several DNS issues that were causing our front-end to fail in communicating with our back-end (database). I spent another 2 calls, 1 chat session and about 4 hours on the phone with them today.

I am happy to report... our filedata table is now fixed and things seem to be returning to normal.

Holy hell... that was the perfect storm of screw-ups. YAY!